Fused Vases
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These are true Crahen Specialties!  


These are one of our favourite items, our fused vases.

Each and every one of our vases is unique. We are always trying out new types and colors of glass for this special handmade product.

We have developed a unique process to create these. There are very many different work steps necessary including cutting, grinding and fusing which can vary according to the type of glass that is being used and the effect that is desired.

Here you can see only a small selection of all the different vases that we have created over the years. Have a look and try to decide which one is the prettiest! We sure haven’t been able to make are mind up yet.

Another hard decision is how to put the vases into the best decorative use. Many people like to have them sitting where the light can be caught in the glass, others love to set candles inside of them for a special glow and then just sitting solitaire expressing its own charm can also be stunning. There seems to be no real end of attracting ideas with these art pieces.