How we keep busy
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Company of Margaret and John Crahen.
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This is how we keep busy ...



Fused glass is created with the help of special furnaces called kilns. The kilns can reach temperatures of up to 1600 degrees . This is the secret how we create many of our special glass pieces.

Besides these two smaller kilns that you can see here, we now have an oversized kiln that was created by John Crahen himself.
Here is Margaret preparing a kiln  
Over the years learning how to work with glass it has not only come to be our job, but really more has developed into our passion. I am sure that who ever meets us and takes the chance to find out about our work, will be convinced that every single piece we make is done with enthusiasm.
Another fun thing which we love to do, is to share our knowledge with people who want to share in this fascinating hobby. If you would like to find out about the stained art classes please contact us.