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Company of Margaret and John Crahen.
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Here is where our art comes to life!  

Welcome to our shop!

Here is where we spend many, many days and nights working on all of our wonderful glass projects. This is where we are able to turn our ideas and inspirations into reality.

John Crahen  

Our Big Kiln

This strange and quite large contraption is becoming more and more the heart of our shop!

Not only that it makes it cosy warm in winter, getting up to over 1600 degrees inside, this is what we use when we develop our fused glass items.

It was designed and built by John Crahen himself. It is an amazing construction of steel, special mortar and ceramic, electronic controls and heating elements. The size is 8ft x 4 ft by 24 inches deep inside. It runs with over 134 amps!
** A new picture of our kiln will appear here soon! **